Web Design, Development, SEO & WordPress Hosting Solutions

Your website shouldn’t cost you anything. It’s pretty simple, think of your website like your best salesman, your best saleswoman, your best 10 sales-people that always, ALWAYS perform. If they weren’t you’d cut them lose, right? So why are you paying your current web agency the same marginally increasing prices year upon year for a site that’s giving you little to no return on your investment?

If your website isn’t paying for itself, it’s not a good website. Your website could be as powerful as an entire sales team, generating leads and closing sales like a revenue generating machine. For that to happen we start with a conversation about your business.

Let’s have that conversation: Get in touch…

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Is your website optimised for search engines? If not how are customers going to find you? If you’re not on page one you’re as good as invisible. There are people out there searching for your services and products who want to find you but can’t. We can fix that.

The black magic and witchcraft that’s going to turn your site from invisible into profitable

Smooth Creative build all our sites with SEO in mind. It’s not witchcraft, it’s basic stuff like making sure you home page title isn’t just “Home” and that it has an accurate and inviting description; a description that you or your marketing team or agency can customise yourselves. Then we get onto some of the more complex stuff like giving you the facility to create targeted landing pages. We put the tools for SEO in your hands without compromising design.

We know what we’re doing when it comes to building search optimised sites because right now SEO and marketing agencies are our number one customers. The fact is a lot of sites don’t provide the tools for an end to end SEO strategy to even be implemented. You might love how your site looks but that’s not much good if no one’s finding it and that could simply be down to it not having been built with SEO in mind. Over the past few years half of our web projects have been rebuilding existing sites, making them responsive (mobile friendly – another SEO essential) and providing the tools and customisation options for SEO & marketing agencies to do their jobs.

This also means we’ve met the good, the bad and the total bulls**t agencies that are out there. We know the ones that get results and actually help their clients, so we’ve continued working with them and partnered up to provide the very best SEO web solutions possible.

If your site isn’t performing like you hoped it could, or even if it’s not performing better than you imagine in your wildest dreams, get in touch. With our vast experience, kick ass designs and industry connections we can make it happen.

Keep an eye out for a really cool certification from the internet gatekeepers themselves, “Google,” right here! We’re working on something with them that’s going to impress the pants right off you. Fact.

WordPress Hosting Solutions

We’ve been building websites too long and dug way too many businesses out of their nightmare website hosting situations to not do something about it ourselves. And oh boy, have we nailed it!? (Yes, yes we have.)

  • We will periodically install updates to your WordPress core installation as well as any available plugin and theme updates.
  • In addition to taking a full-site backup once a month, we also take a backup before any updates are performed and check the site against previous versions for continuity.
  • Our servers are based in the UK for best performance for UK businesses serving UK customers and we store back-ups in multiple locations so even if a server burns to the ground, we’ve got a complete copy of your site, ready to put in place should we need to.
  • All sites are monitored so if there’s ever a problem we’re notified the minute it happens and can take action immediately.
  • We harden your WordPress installation with additional security as well as offering a “Pro” security option with features like two-factor authentication for selected user roles.

Who’s managing your WordPress site backups?

Do you have a WordPress website or blog? When was the last time the security updates were installed? Are you taking regular backups? Who do you call if it gets hacked or something goes wrong? A WordPress site requires regular maintenance to keep it safe and secure and a normal hosting company won’t do this for you, it’s your responsibility. “Eek!” Scary, right? Not if you let us take care of it.

Smooth Creative offer annual WordPress hosting and maintenance packages to suit everyone from bloggers to huge ecommerce sites. All options include regular installations of WordPress core and plugin updates with full-site backups taken prior to every update. This is in addition to scheduled monthly full-site backups, stored on separate servers for added peace of mind. We also harden the standard WordPress installation with additional security features to protect against the most common forms of attack. We’ve got your back.