Graphic Design, Logos/Identity & Print

We love design.

This is where it all started for us and our passion for design remains at the heart of everything we do. Graphic design is solving problems and communicating ideas or messages, visually.  It can tell your customers who you are and what you’re about with a single mark, that’s powerful and it’s really important to get right.

Logo design, identity & branding

Smooth Creative offer a complete range of logo design and identity services to help build and establish your brand.

Your brand is not a graphic or logo, it’s the public perception of your business or product; it’s an emotional response. We use great design to influence this perception by communicating your values and values important to your customers. Your website, packaging, signage, messaging and logo; all the visual components of your business define your identity. They should all work together to inform a positive emotional response from your target market.

Your logo is not your brand, it is a symbol of your brand

To design you a great logo we need to establish what your business is about and what your values are. If you want a logo to convey these values and set you apart from your competition, talk to us…

We’ll add some examples of our logo and identity work later but for now, take our word for it, it’s pretty cool.

Print solutions

Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of having a design roll off the printer and come to life it your hands, it might almost be as good as confidently pulling the most badass business card on earth out of your pocket and placing it in the hand of your next customer. That’s a really good feeling. Get in touch if you’d like to experience it, we’ll do you matching letterheads too.

Aside from business cards and stationery we also do great flyers, mailers and posters. Yes, there’s still a world that exists outside of the internet and it’s a big, big place with lots of opportunities for you to take advantage of.

We’ve been working with printers for over 20 years, we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly. Our work is designed with an intimate understanding of print processes and techniques and we work with trusted partners to produce the highest quality results to meet the high standards you expect. We won’t settle for anything less.

We understand you may want to get your own printing done and we can absolutely provide you with print-ready files for you to take elsewhere. That’s totally cool but ask us for a price first, we’ll probably surprise you.

“Type is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters.” – Matthew Carter, British type designer.