Terms & Conditions

Pretty simple, if you request I do some work for you, we agree on pricing and timescale and I do that work, you pay me.

If that’s somehow too complicated or unclear in any way it’d save us all a lot of time if we just don’t go any further.

All invoices should be paid within 15 days unless otherwise stated.

A part-payment must be paid before any work is started. This payment is not a “deposit” you are purchasing and securing your project slot (a start and end date) in the schedule.

A project start date is defined either by a specific date agreed in advance or a date after which the initial funds arrive, whichever is the later.

All project resources must be supplied prior to your project start date i.e. website content, images, site map. If I don’t have the necessary content/resources to start, you will be wasting the project window you have paid for. Delaying the start obviously also impacts the delivery date, and may lead to your project not being completed inside the agreed timeframe. This will likely mean your project has to be put on hold until a new slot is scheduled in order to bring it to completion, at additional cost to you.

If you back out of a project after making your payment, I will endeavour to fill the slot and if successful will refund the payment less an admin fee. Refund amount will depend on how much of the project slot I am able to fill.

References to “I/me/we” within these terms and conditions and across the site (smoothcreative.co.uk) refer to Smooth Creative/Matt Easom.

For clarity, while I have registered “Smooth Creative Ltd.” to secure the name, the company is dormant and I am still currently operating as a sole trader, trading under “Smooth Creative.” I am also not yet VAT registered and as such no VAT will appear on any of my invoices.

Annual billing & automatic renewals

Reoccurring services like website hosting and maintenance packages, domain names and SSL certificates are billed annually and renewed automatically. These reoccurring invoices are sent out 45 days prior to the renewal date of the service – payment should be made within 15 days. If you wish to cancel an annual service please give notice no less than 30 days prior to its renewal date.

Exceptions can be made to any of these terms providing they are agreed in writing, in advance of any work being started.