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Smooth Creative, Thrapston

Hello business owners of Thrapston and Northamptonshire, thanks for visiting! I’m Matt, having recently moved to Thrapston I’m excited to start working with local businesses, providing design and web development services from my company, “Smooth Creative.”

What we do

At the heart of everything we do is high-quality design. We back that up with considered, bespoke solutions that help you achieve your business goals.

Whether you want a logo, completely new corporate identity, website or maybe just a business card or flyer, for any of these to be successful we start with a conversation about your business and what you want to achieve. Start that conversation here, or read on for more about our services.

Thrapston Web and SEO services

If you have a business in Thrapston or the surrounding area, I want to make your website. Smooth Creative have come to specialise in bespoke websites with equality bespoke content management solutions. This means once your site is in place, you (or your team) can easily change and publish new content as and when you need.

There’s a solution for every budget whether we implement something that gets you where you want to be in one project or we get you on the right track and closer to achieving your goals as your budget allows. Our solutions can grow with you.

WordPress site hosting & maintenance

We’ve been building WordPress sites for almost a decade, it’s our favourite content management system by far and the internet agrees! Almost 30% of websites in the entirety of the internet are WordPress-based.

Popularity comes at a price; it puts you in the sights of hackers and malware developers and if you’re not regularly updating your WordPress site, you’re vulnerable.

We won’t just build you a site, slap it on whatever hosting you have and leave you to it. You’ll only come back later with a hacked site asking us to fix it and that’s not a job we want you to have to ask of us, especially not when it can be avoided.

We offer WordPress-specific hosting and maintenance packages priced to compete with standard commercial shared hosting options.

  • We will periodically install updates to your WordPress core installation as well as any available plugin and theme updates.
  • In addition to taking a full-site backup once a month, we also take a backup before any updates are performed and check the site against previous versions for continuity.
  • Our servers are based in the UK for best performance for UK businesses serving UK customers and we store back-ups in multiple locations so even if a server burns to the ground, we’ve got a complete copy of your site, ready to put in place should we need to.
  • All sites are monitored so if there’s ever a problem we’re notified the minute it happens and can take action immediately.
  • We harden your WordPress installation with additional security as well as offering a “Pro” security option with features like two-factor authentication for selected user roles.

We put this solution together because it was required. Clients didn’t want the responsibility of doing this themselves (you’ve got better things to do!) and nowhere else provided a service even close to this, so we priced our packages to make it an easy decision.  If you’d like to stop worrying whether your WordPress site is secure, talk to us…

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Thrapston businesses

SEO covers a broad range of things, from how a sites content is structured, the content itself and how the site is built through to AdWord campaigns, social media management and social advertising. If you’re not reaching your customers, SEO could be the solution.

We know all there is to know about how to develop a search optimised website and frequently build sites for SEO and marketing agencies. Through the relationships we’ve built with these specialist agencies Smooth Creative are able to offer complete end to end SEO solutions and strategies and put your business in front of the customers you want and who want to find you.

Sound good? Want more customers? Talk to us about how to get them…

For more details, visit the web solutions page…

Thrapston Graphic Design: Logos, flyers & stationery

I’m still working on the content for this site and will add more to this page later.

For information on our graphic design services, visit the graphic design page…